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Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games of 2017

The gaming world has taken up to the new level with the help of different wifi games, and also the era of Smartphone have made possible to make their user, a great player, especially the Android and IOS platform. Making the decision of which game is good or best at the quality cannot be done on the basis of thumbnails that are provided on the list while searching for the one. Even when you head towards the Google playstore and look for the games under same category and type, it becomes difficult for to choose from the variants of the list.Here in the article, we will talk about Top 10 Best Wifi multiplayer games of 2017 .


1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Evergreen category of the gaming world, car racing has being taken to the level by installing the multiplayer support in the game. The graphics of this game is magnificent and also the gameplay is advanced that any car racing game lover would appreciate it. You just have to add multiple users or players through the wifi hotspot of your device and connect it to the wifi of the connection creating a device and just race for the win!

Download Now From Play Store :- Asphalt 8: Airborne

2. Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia

Mini Militia is become one of the best wifi game in Android as well as iOS devices. To keep up the entertainment level up, this game makes sure you don’t get bored of, either of its graphics or with interest in it. Control the mini boy and its weapons, with the help of the support from different local wifi connections. The entertainment is for a long time, guaranteed!

Download From Play Store :- Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 

3. Critical Strike Portable

This is a single-player game, but you can add multiple players by connecting it to nearby wifi devices. The graphics of this game is not presentable but one can enjoy the content inside of this wifi game.

You will feel nostalgic Counter-Strike style gaming experience in this Critical Strike Portable (CS Portable) game. It have very much customization touch control and smooth control systems.

Download From Play Store :- CS Portabble

4. Brothers In Arms® 3

Visual effects, graphics and weapons! Innumerous missions to complete and lots of actions to be played, no male player can disdain this game and in fact this android LAN game allows to get connected to the other wifi devices enhancing the multi-players in the game.

Download From Play Store :- Brothers in Arms® 3

5. 6 takes!

This exclusive card wifi game is being inspired by the legendary board games, Wolfgang Kramer. This game is for the one who loves to play cards with their friends. You can play this game on android device and can join the other players only with the help of wifi connections of them.

Download From Play Store :- 6 takes!

6. Let’s Golf 3

Another Android LAN game where you can add other local wifi users using the devices for playing the golf game and hence can compete together. This wifi game is not restricted to a computer or logical hardware, so the fun is always on the go!

Download From PlayMob :- Let's Golf 3

7. Chese Free

Don’t have chessboard? When the Smartphone is here, have no fear. Smartphone in your hand allows you to download this game from the Google playstore and you can play by all yourself! Not only this, get connected with the other players over the wifi support, make them your opponent and get start to compete. No need to get to go at each other’s place, sit back and relax in your room and let your friends too, and let them play on their own devices.

Download From PlayStore :- Chess Free


Developed by the frogmind games and has received the iPad game award in the year 2013 by Apple Inc, this game is all about fly, and surviving through the tunnels, obstacles and opponents and this game also enable to add multiplayer by connecting it to the local wifi user device.

Download From Play Store :- BADLAND

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9. Action For 2-4 Players

This is the android LAN game where the players get to connect with each other over the local wifi connections. This game requires just 2-4 players as the name suggests. Here the game is all about striking; shooting and weapons, and therefore the players can compete with each other on the above basis only.

Download From Play Store :- Action For 2-4 Players

10. Battle Slimes

Pump up the fun with this local multiplayer game by controlling the slimy blobs and making them run through the different obstacles to reach the destination. Just protect yourself by hitting up from the opponent. Add up the multiple players from the various local wifi devices and then compete!

Download from Play Store :- Battle Slimes

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Final Words :

So , This is the Top 10 Multiplayer Games for Android , Download and Play with your friends , challenge them.
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