Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hidden Eye App : Protect Your Phone from unauthorized Access

Hi ATH readers , Today we will be showing  how  you can take photos of anyone who tries to unlock your device . With it , You can protect your device from unauthorized access to your devices . This is the best Android Application which snaps a picture using front camera if your friend who tries to unlock your mobile without your permission . This app is Absolutely free and You can use this app on your ROOTED / Non-Rooted Device :) So let's get started :)

Advantages of Using This app
  • Beeps An alarm when someone tries the wrong combination of passwords
  • works with all password such as maze lock , pin and password
  • This application continuously beeps and alarm 

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Download and Installation of Hidden Eye App

  • First of All Download this app from Play Store
  • Open the application and switch on the sucurity status
  • It will ask to activate this application to perform the several operations such as Monitor Screen-unlock attempts and Lock the Screen.

  • After activating this application lock your device and try yourself :)
  • To stop the alarm you have to clock all the recent app or you can force close this app from app setting as well.

Whenever , any person will try to unlock your phone , if/she entered wrong password more than 3 times , this app will capture the picture of that person also ring your phone. So this way you can catch who try to unlock your phone again and again and want to steal your privacy.

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To uninstall the app , you have to uncheck the security status first :)

Final Words :

So guyz this is a must have security app now a days . You can easily catch whoever want to steal your privacy without your permission . I hope you like this tutorial , Like our FB FAN PAGE or Follow us on TWITTER . Thanks for visiting .
Jay Hind.

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