Monday, July 30, 2018

How To Run Android Apps Without Installation ( Tutorial )

We can use apps that do not need to be permanently attached to us. For example, we go to a store and we want to buy, or you are a stranger in the city and we want to buy a ticket, but only once we need these services and services, and for this we have to install the epic and after the work is completed. If we are reminded, remove the app ...

But  Instant Apps, which Google's new way to run apps without installing, might be in the wrong time. Of course, the use of this solution is possible if the developer of the software has provided this and for the time being, for this type of running apps, unlike ordinary apps, there is nothing with Google Play and the rest of the epic markets. To run these kind of apps you need a link that is usually displayed in Google search results, and when you click on that link, parts of the app that needs to be automatically downloaded and the app runs.

Image result for Android apps that run without installation

Enable Instant Apps
To enable this feature, you must go into the device's Settings menu and then select Google Settings In the Services section,  look for the  Instant Apps option and then, after reading the brief description, touch the YES, I'M IN button .

Instant Apps
How to use Instant Apps?
Well, let's assume that this feature was on your device and turned on it. How should you use it now? At the moment, the main thing you can see for  Instant Apps is Google search results.
Instant Apps
As the image is viewed, the user is innocent and Google displays the results. But the result is that there's Instant Apps running around the red box  , and when it touches, the parts you need to run are downloaded and then the app runs.
Instant Apps
If you look carefully at the top of the page, you'll see a special icon for Instant Apps that is spark or thunderbolt or whatever you want :) You can go to the corresponding site or install a permanent app or delete a little bit of information. Use it to run this app (and the rest of this app). Source = Tonama. If you can use different apps in this situation, you can go to the Settings | Google | Instant Apps section to see their list or delete the downloaded information  ...To use this feature at the moment , you need the Android 6 minimum , but the main news is when  Android O comes out . In this new version of Android, users can search and run instant apps through Android without the need for a browser  and even give them a distinctive icon on their screen. If everything goes well, maybe sometime else you do not need to install the apps and just need to have some idea of ​​the Internet :)
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