Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Get Gmail’s Confidential Mode On Android

We all know very well that there were a lot of news that the tech giant Google recently brought to Gmail. In addition to a new interface, there are also new features that make this service even better. Yes, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google’s well-known email service, of course, Gmail’s new confidential mode now comes to Android.

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The novelty of Gmail that the tech giant Google brought to AndroidThis feature has been in use for several months now in the web version of this email service, but now the tech giant Google has also decided to incorporate this new and extraordinary feature into its most used and the well-known mobile operating system, Android’s email client so it can be used in more places.

How to use this Gmail confidential mode on Android

The way of using this new version follows the same principles, and the user must activate the confidential mode in each message that it wants to send in this way. In the message, in the upper menu area, you will find the Confidential Mode option.

The validity of the message and the secret access code must be defined. If this code is set by SMS, the phone number of the recipient of the message must also be indicated or mentioned.
The recipient only has to follow the process presented in the message and access the content of the message. This access can either be done directly in Gmail or, via browser, in any other client or email service.

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Although it has some opposition, such as EFF has put forward, claiming that it does not have the desired security levels, this confidential mode seems to be the simplest way to have messages that are destroyed and that can control who accesses them and that way they do it. Moreover, an analysis of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) also revealed that this new method is not so transparent, as it abuses Gmail users and is misleading.

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