Sunday, August 26, 2018

This Browser Will Pay You For Watching Ads

We all know very well that most sites offer free access to content displaying ads. However, this becomes less feasible as more people use adblockers. What to do? According to the latest reports, we have discovered that a well-known web browser will simply pay all its users for watching ads.

This Awesome Browser Will Pay You For Watching Ads

Most sites offer free access to content simply by displaying ads. However, this becomes less feasible as more people use adblockers.

Brave, a browser that blocks ads by default, will now give cryptocoins. The goal is to give a reward to anyone who helps maintain the business model that is being implemented.

Those who agree to participate in the program will receive the amounts through the basic attention token (BAT). It can not be turned into money, but it will be for you to support the creators it accompanies and free the paywall from some sites.

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Brave says the model will benefit advertisers, content producers, and users. “When Brave’s ad system becomes widely available, users will receive 70% of gross ad revenue while preserving their privacy,” the statement said.

The main difference from Brave’s ad system is that a data will not be under the control of the company. The browser will make recurring downloads of region-based and language-based advertising catalogs. From your navigation, it will display the best ads in that catalog at the appropriate time.

“Instead of sending and exposing data to third parties in cloud-based auctions, Brave’s approach allows a more efficient and direct opportunity to get the user’s attention without the responsibilities and risks inherent in large-scale data collection,” says company.

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The system is still in testing and will expand gradually in the coming months. In the first step, the browser will accompany a group of users to understand how they interact with 250 pre-selected ads.

They will use a special version of the program that will record navigation data in detail – something the default browser does not do. The information will not be shared with third parties and will only serve to train the machine learning system responsible for displaying the ads.

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The Brave model already seems to have market interest. Last year, its initial offer raised $35 million. In addition, vehicles such as the Washington Post and the Guardian have already adhered to the browser’s proposal.

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